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Feb 27

Greece & Italy Study Tour: Day 0

Posted on Sunday, February 27, 2011 in Pontifications

Heather and I embark on a study tour of Greece and Italy today, departing this afternoon but not arriving in Thessaloniki, Greece until tomorrow, so I’m not quite sure today should be considered Day 1.  Poor Heather had an overnight flight from California last night (where she visited Disneyland, so I can’t feel too sorry for her) and then has this one tonight.

We’re really excited about this trip!  This is my second-to-last semester of seminary (just one church history class left to take this summer) and this study tour counts toward my degree, so I’m also getting credit for it (how can you beat that?).  I have to keep a daily journal during the trip (to be edited and turned in afterwards) so depending on the internet situation, some of that content may end up on here.  We’ll see.

The itinerary can be found here.  Not sure which part I’m most excited about, but I can tell you what isn’t my favorite part — in Berea I have to give a devotional site presentation to our group.  A little nervous about that.  But at least that’s only a few days into the trip and then it’s all down hill from there.